Guest Posting!

Posting daily for you all is amazing, but sometimes schoolwork can limit the time I get to blog. Plus, some fresh faces on this blog wouldn't hurt. That's where you come in! I would love for you to write a guest post for Mangos & Cream. It's simple, fun, and draws attention to your blog! Here's some more details...

NOTE: If you link the guest post back to your original blog, please mention my name (Gabby) at Mangos+Cream.
Ex: I recently wrote a guest post for Gabby at Mangos+Cream. Check it out "linkhere".

How to do it...
  • Write up a fabulous post that includes photos.
  • Send your guest post to along with your blog link and first name, as well as any other information you would like to give out.
  • Wait for a quick email reply from me.
  • Possibly see your post here!
  • Write about something interesting. Anything but hauls are accepted. Tell us about that miraculous DIY lip scrub you know of or review your latest beauty find.
  • A photo must be included. Photos must be your own (otherwise cited) and they cannot be taken on a cell phone camera.
  • Spelling and grammar should be correct. A few mistakes are fine.
  • There should be no innapropiate content.
  • Give the post a clever and fun title.
  • Try to keep the subject on beauty. This is in fact a beauty blog. Few fashion posts will be accepted.
What's in it for you...
  • You'll be getting experience!
  • There will be a link a large font to your blog on each published post.
  • I can add a few tidbits about yourself on the top or bottom of the post.
  • An in-depth list with a clever introduction. (Ex: Top 5 Summer Trends)
  • A review on a beauty product (Drugstore or Department Store)
  • A beauty-related "How-To"
  • Your amazing DIY recipe
I look forward to getting your email!
Happy Blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Where can I find this store at? I live in Bethlehem, Pa and I'm not sure if this store is located in Bethlehem, or not.