Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Maquillage: Day 8 -- Snowflake Grapesicle Manicure

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To celebrate the glamour, sparkle, and snow of the season, I dreamt up a festive manicure: Snowflake Grapesicle.
You'll need:
  • Very fine loose white glitter with blue duochrome (I purchased mine in a set at Hobby Lobby.)
  •  A white nail striper (I'm using the $1.99 Sinful Colors Striper in Bad Chick)
  • A clear, glitter-y overcoat (I used an L.A. Colors one without a name)
  • A shimmering purple (I'm using China Glaze's in Grape Juice)
  • A paper towel to place glitter on and paint on
And now to create the design...

1. Prep nails which ever way you desire. I filed them, then applied Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream this time. Let product absorb before painting. Make sure to place your paper towel and dump a bit of your glitter onto it now.

2. Paint on one coat of China Glaze's Grape Juice to each nail aband let dry. I skipped a base coat mainly due to my laziness, but also because I knew that with many layers came a very long drying time.

3. Once dry, take your white striper and remove excess polish (that dripping onto the nail would be very sad.) Create three lines coming out from the side of one nail out to the middle. Carefully draw a "V" through the lines just below the end of it near the middle.

4. Immediatly, take a finger from the other hand and tap it on the mound of glitter. Then tap your entire nail very gently. The glitter will stick to the wet polish, and strangely doesn't leave the dry coat either. Don't be afraid of touching your nail art. It took me long enough to do step 3 that my polish was nearly dry.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on for each nail.

6. Take your glitter overcoat and apply a layer over each nail. This adds even more glitter to the manicure and keeps the loose glitter in place.

7. Wait about 5 minutes, then run each nail under icy water. This speeds up the drying process.

Viola! Good luck and enjoy!


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Ann said...

I loved these! Too cute :) And I'm happy to say that this time the fit the season. Hehe. You'll have to do this for me sometime because I can't control such a small brush with my shakey hands. Darn my dad for passing along what ever "disease" that causes overly shakey hands....