Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chocolate for Your Lips, Not Your Mouth!

While alternating between Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and November's issue of Allure, I discovered Jane Iredale's Chocoholicks: a palette of four succulent glosses that carry the aromas of various chocolates."A compact with four irresistable chocolate-y shades in one compact to create a range of day and night looks. It's housed in a sleeved, slim palette for optimal portability and includes a retractable gold lip brush to ensure precise application and clean storage. Four shades and flavors of hydrating glosses provide a delicious array of options of your lips and your palate."


The idea is ingenious: chocolate that doesn't affect your thighs in any way. The shades? Eh. By the looks of it, I won't be wearing these shades ANYWHERE near a public place. On the other hand, they would make for a great photography/experimentation session, no?

The shades included are (In parenthesis you will find how it should smell):

 Blood Orange-A shimmering copper (dark chocolate and zesty orange)
Expresso- A sultry brown (smooth mocha)
Very berry- A sheer plum (chocolate covered berries)
Chili Pepper- A wearable red (dark chocolate and exotic chilis)

Who cares about that "your undertone should match that of your lipstick?" rule. Makeup has no rules. ZILCH. They would suit any skin tone if you wanted it to. I just don't think the shade Expresso and teenagers will make a perfect Christmas cookie -- Know what I'm saying?

Before I continue reading Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (Hey! Mean people deserve happy endings, too!), I would like to talk about something that Jane Iredale's website didn't mention. THE PACKAGING RESEMBLES A CANDY BAR. Go look! See? I'm sure that was on purpose, but it wasn't mentioned.

Before purchasing this Chocoholicks set, remember The first step is admitting you have a problem.
Well, back to stepsisters and homework. Until next time, fair maiden!

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