Saturday, October 1, 2011

Butterfly Lashes!

I know some peope want fluttery lashes, but I had no clue they would take it this far! PaperSelf just released Deer & Butterfly False Lashes for $19 at Sephora! They also launched Peach Blossom Lashes, Under The Sea Lashes, and Peacock Lashes! Each false lash style, inspired by Chinese paper-cutting has a symbolic meaning. The Peach Blossom Lashes mean love is coming while the Deer and Butterfly ones represent being free, beautiful, and sensitive. The Peacock symbolizes being auspicious and have lucky days. Lastly, the Under the Sea Lashes represent  a secret treasure.They're a little expensive for paper, but I have to admit it's beautiful. PEACH BLOSSOMS?! Yes. Apparently, you can cut these paper lashes to customize your look. Wow, I really enjoy how society is appreciating that "Natural Look" nowadays...:D

I doubt I'd ever muster up enough courage to purchase these, but they look amazing. They would probably only be wearable on Halloween.

You can find them here:
Deer & Butterfly Eyelashes
The Dear and Butterfly Lashes

Small Peach Blossom Eyelashes
Peach Blossom Eyelashes


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