Saturday, October 1, 2011

Living a Charmed Life...!

Yay! Yesterday, Bath and Body Works made their newest fragrance "Charmed Life" available online and in-store. Back in August, they had this event where you could score a free full-sized bottle lotion, and I most definitely took advantage of it. My bestie Ann ( got me that, and so did my parents. I'm currently applying the lotion as we speak. I have no bad thoughts on the scent. It's fresh, but it's not too fruity for fall. You mostly detect vanilla, but occasionally you can pick up hints of delicious pear and guava. The body lotion formula we all know and love didn't fall short of my expectations. Just like its family, it absorbed quickly and hydrated intensley. The packaging is a little corny, but I've grown fond of it. I can't get over how gorgeous and modern the perfume bottle is, though! The contrasts between all the colors just make me happy! Anyways, I've been a huge fan of the Body Creams, Body Mists, and Shower Gels, so I doubt the collection will disappoint. Where would a BBW collection be without a gloss? Of course, they created a Charmed Life Gloss that claims to give you a frosty shine with a delicious flavoring of vanilla, pear, and guava. I can't wait to get my hands on this collection and use up my coupon!

Charmed Life™ Lip Gloss - LipLicious - Bath & Body Works
Oh, and BBW is already dabbling with their new scent, Be Enchanted. I don't know about you, but instead of clean, appealing, and simple names like "White Citrus" and "Warm Vanilla Sugar", BBW is making everything based off of a fairytale. Anywho, you can try their new fragrance, a blend of frosted florals and sparkling pomegranate  for $1!

NEW! Be Enchanted! > 2 oz. Body Lotion $1


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