Monday, October 17, 2011

Get "Just Ate a Popsicle" Lips in the Winter with Nivea a Kiss of Flavor in Cherry!

f it weren't for coupons, I would've not been talking about this lovely lip balm for you today. A few weeks ago, I discovered a $3 off coupon for two Nivea lip items. After a little research and cutting, I finally went to RiteAid to stock up. With the deals I was getting, I purchased two lip balms and only paid $2 instead of the regular $6 for two. Oh, coupons...

Anyways, Nivea a Kiss of Flavor Cherry Tinted Lip Care is a true multi-tasker. It manages to smell extremely delicious (tart cherry candies), deliver moisture and SPF to unhappy lips, and provide your pout with a stain that looks like you just indulged in a icy cherry popsicle. Sadly, it's very lacking when it comes to creaminess. The balm glides on, but not in a very creamy way. I love creamy balms, so I was a bit disappointed when applying. All in all, I plan on substituting popsicles for this in the winter. Delicious smell and tint without the calories? Sounds great!

PRICE: $2.99 for 0.17 oz

  • Smells amazing! (tart cherry candies)
  • Tastes almost as amazing!
  • Moisturizes Lips
  • Tints your pout a nice cherry hue
  • Larger than most lip balms (by 0.02oz :D)
  • Contains SPF
  • Not very creamy
  • Will make you hungry
You may like this product if...
  • You are looking for a cheap, tinted balm.
  • You want a balm with SPF.
  • You are looking for a balm that smells and tastes delicious
You may dislike this product if...
  • You want an SPF-free balm.
  • You want a flavorless, colorless balm.
Where to purchase...
  • RiteAid
  • CVS
  • Other Drugstores
  • Grocery Stores (Walmart, Kroger's)
Rating: 4.5/5 or A

Overall, this product is...

Tell me, dear reader, what's your all-time favorite lip balm?

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