Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'll Glow for the Holidays: Bobbi Brown Party Shimmer Brick

Party Shimmer BrickI almost dropped my glass of apple cider when I saw this in a Lord and Taylor ad in my latest Allure (or was it Glamour...hmm). 

"For the holiday season, Bobbi adds Party Shimmer Brick to her iconic collection. This high luster combo of silver and gold will brighten your face for a glowing effect."

I'm not positive I would dust this likely pigmented powder on my face, but it would make a breath-taking eyeshadow. Hmm..I'm actually considering using it as an exquisite highlight. Oh what am I kidding. I'd be too afraid to ruin the precious design to flaunt it at all.
 Oh, yeah! It's available at Lord and Taylor for $40.00.

Before I end this post...
I still go trick-or-treating (I could pass for a 4th grader. 5'2.5 is short enough!), so I'm uber thrilled for tomorrow night! Free candy never gets old. Well, until your metabolism goes bad. Then, well, you're at risk of gaining a few. But (excuse the language), Screw that! Indulge in something sweet. We all deserve it once in a lot of times in a while.

What's your favorite Halloween candy and what're your thoughts on BOObbi (get it? It's Halloween. I didn't mean what it sounds like..) Brown's new Shimmer Brick?

Okay, woah. I'm in a car and I just saw two older boys in black sweatshirts running across a highway and up a hill almost in front of the car I'm in. They probably did a Devil's Night prank. Those things annoy me SO MUCH.

(I'll get back to the picture thing when I am no longer in a car)

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