Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheers to Philosophy Holiday!

Just a quick view of Philosophy's breath-taking Holiday Sets. Each set is available at Sephora for a limited time.Cheers to Philosophy, and cheers to the holidays! 

The More The Merrier™ Set
Philosophy The More The Merrier Set ($26.00)
Oh, my...YUM.
The More The Merrier features Philosophy's luscious, multitasking, shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths in travel-friendly sizes and holiday-inspired scents. Marshmallows for Toasting high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine delivers a delicious taste and cheer to your loved ones with every sweet little kiss.

Sweet Kisses & Merry Wishes™ Set ($70 Value)
Philosophy Sweet Kisses and Merry Wishes Set ($36.00)

I'll save two for me, and give two to my bestie, Ann (
A sweet and cheery travel-size set that features four holiday-inspired shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths, and four high-gloss, high-flavor lip shines. This spirited gift includes an array of rich, moisturizing, multitasking bath gels and lip glosses that deliver sweet and delicious kisses.

Candy Cane Trio
Philosophy Candy Cane Trio ($22.00)
Cute packaging+Peppermint = HAPPY ME:) I actually tested this out in store and, boy, is it refreshing! The lip gloss isn't heavily scented. The lotion and gel, however, ARE.
This cool set features a moisturizing, multitasking shower gel, a soothing and smoothing body lotion, and a high-flavor lip shine—all in a crisp, peppermint scent that inspires holiday cheer.

The Gingerbread Girl™ Duo
The Gingerbread Girl Duo ($20.00)
Cookies without the calories: I can live with that.
This delightful set features a luscious, lathering gel that sweetens any day with its extra rich and creamy formula, and a luxurious lotion enriched with shea butter and olive and macadamia nut oils to help soften skin and aid in moisture retention. Together, Ginger Spice Girl's refreshing scent leaves skin smelling clean and oh so nice.

Marshmallows For Toasting™ Trio
Philosophy Marshmallows for Toasting Set ($22.00)
The lip gloss is such a pretty color!
Treat yourself to this multitasking shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath and body lotion with moisturizing formulas that leave skin feeling super soft. Sweet and ultra-nourishing, Marshmallows For Toasting lip shine hydrates lips, for a smooth, sheer, delicious shine.

Suger Plum Frost™ Set
Philosophy Sugar Plum Frost Set ($18.00)
I'll just have to tickle my imaginative spirt all the way to Sephora for this one...
Tickle your imaginative spirit with Philosophy's Sugar Plum Frost gift set, featuring the crisp sugar plum scent that captures the cooling essence of the outdoors with plum-perfect sweetness. The three-in-one shower gel cleanses and conditions for ultra soft skin and hair. The emollient lip shine helps hydrate and soften lips, leaving a sheer shine.

The Gingerbread Man™ Scented Hot Salt Body Scrub
The Gingerbread Man™ Scented Hot Salt Body Scrub
CAUTION: May lead to longer showers than usual.
An exfoliating body scrub that heats up as you rub. This body scrub, in the refreshing scent of ginger spice, helps smooth out the rough spots and evoke a warm sense of holiday joy. Perfect for the shower or tub, the Gingerbread Man Hot Salt Scrub features sea salt and natural extracts to exfoliate and polish dry, rough skin, leaving it feeling silky soft, super smooth and conditioned.

Snow Angel™ Duo
Philosophy Snow Angel Set ($20.00)
I'm not exactly sure what freshly fallen snow smells like, but I'd like to find out!
A versatile Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath and a moisture-rich body lotion with the scent of freshly fallen snow. Cozy up with this sweetly scented duo formulated with luxurious shea butter, olive, and macadamia nut oils to soften and hydrate winter skin. The soothing body lotion aids in moisture retention and includes antioxidants to help protect skin against winter winds. Multitasking Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath gently cleanses and then leaves your skin shimmering with a snowy finish.

Holly Berry Bubbly™ Bath
Philosophy Holly Berry Bubbly Bath($16.00)
WARNING: May result in a long bath.
Holly Berry Bubbly high-volume bubble bath invites you to sit back, relax, and recharge your holiday spirit. The foaming formula generates lots of bubbles in your bathtub to cleanse your body, leaving skin feeling ultra-soft.

Fun In the Frosty Air Trio
Fun in the Frosty Air Trio ($25.00)
I plan on having fun in my
This set, featuring Sugar Plum Frost, Fresh Vanilla Frost, and Ginger Berry Frost Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Baths, brings you the cool rush of snowy outdoor adventures. The formulas' rich, foaming lather gently cleanse and condition, leaving skin and hair feeling ultra soft; the frosty scents are sure to awaken your holiday spirit.

Much Mistletoeing™ Lip Shine Set ($40 Value)
Philosophy Much Mistletoeing Set ($20.00)
HOLY COW. That's $5/lip shine!
There'll be much mistletoeing this holiday with these sweet, delicious lip treats. Each emollient formula hydrates, soothes, and softens lips, leaving a sheer, beautiful shine. Kisses under the mistletoe are sure to be make a sweet, lasting impression. May all your kisses be merry.

Parties For Hosting™ Duo
Philosophy Parties for Hosting Duo ($20.00)
Just host a million parties and cross your fingers that some generous soul gives you this gift! ( it yourself!)
The perfect gift for any host or hostess, this delightful set captures the scrumptious scent of sweet berries and home-baked goodness. The duo includes a luscious, lathering gel that sweetens any day with its extra rich and creamy formula, and a luxurious lotion enriched with shea butter and olive and macadamia nut oils to help soften skin and aid in moisture retention.

And that's a wrap! Philosophy is selling more individual items (Body lotions, bubble baths, etc.) on their website and at Sephora.

So, ladies, which ones are worthy of your "bath-time"?

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