Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clinique Black Honey Goes Gel!

Did youthink that Clinique was done creating new Black Honey items? Well, my friend, we were wrong. From that classic lip shade to the perfect luminizer, Clinique's Black Honey is popping up popular again five decades later.
Now, Clinique just released a Black Honey product that made me want to sing: Black Honey Gel Blush. Gel Blush?! I'd always wanted to try it, and now I can in a classic shade made by my favorite brand! It's limited edition and only sold in the Clinique Black Honey Glow Set at Sephora for $28.50. I'm infatuated. How about you?
Black Honey Glow
Clinique Black Honey Glow Set ($28.50)

Your thoughts?


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