Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello Yellow Hand Soap Haul: 7 SCENTsational products!

*Excuse those corny and almost annoying apples. My SD card deleted the photos without them. Sigh...

Let's talk hand washing! The more delightful the scent, the more often I cleanse my paws. And when Bath and Body Works' Hello, Yellow! sale comes rolling around, all the females in my family stock up.Wait... I wonder why they chose yellow? Hm.. We have a vast amount lying around the house, but the $3.00 price tag seemed to lure my mom and I in.

The most recent trip resulted in an adoption of eight new SCENTsational soaps: (In picture from left) Cucumber Melon Moisturizing Hand Soap, Dancing Waters Anti-bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Warm Vanilla Sugar Anti-bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Fresh Market Apple Moisturizing Hand Soap, Cucumber Melon Anti-bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Caribbean Escape Moisturizing Hand Soap, and Cucumber Melon Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap.

Fresh Market Apple Pocket Bac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
 I'm in love with most of the dreamy scents. For Fresh Market Apple and I, it's been love at first sniff. I fell head over heels for its lush and tart aroma. Mmmm...

Enough of my ramblings! Let's talk about those amazing hand soaps.

The Claim:

MHS: Even with frequent hand washing, our soothing moisturizers hydrate skin. Hands are left soft, germ-free, and lightly scented.

ADCHS: This powerful germ-killing hand soap is enriched with an exclusive moisturizing blend to help hydrate and soften skin as powerful ingredients leave dirty hands clean and lightly scented.

The Verdict:

MHS: Thank goodness for such a hydrating hand soap! My obsession with BBW's fruity scents has encouraged me to wash my hands even more than before. Even with winter's cold temperatures taking a toll on skin, my hands remain hydrated and beautifully scented. It lathers nicely and doesn't leave a residue.

ADCHS: I prefer the Moisturizing Hand Soap, for I get extremely dry hands at this time of year, but if it weren't for winter, I'd be loving this soap just as much. It, too, lathers quite nicely and love those beads! Your hands are in fact left squeaky clean and ready for anything. This soap can transform the dirtiest of paws to squeaky clean manos! (practicing my espanol)


Sea Island Cotton: It reminds me of fresh linen and cotton blowing in fresh wind. Not my favorite, but nice at the same time.

Cucumber Melon: We all know and love that classic scent that takes us to the spa. Fresh cucumber and hints of fruity melon come together in the Moisturizing Hand Soap and the Anti-bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap.

Fresh Market Apple: AHHHH-MAZING. It's calorie-free candy! It's a mouth-watering blend of fresh tart apples and succulent pears. I'm pretty sure I own every form of this scent!

Dancing Waters: This is most likely my least favorite. It smells like regular dish detergent. Bleh.

Warm Vanilla Sugar: WVS remains one of my favorite scents next to Fresh Market Apple. It's a rich and deep vanilla with hints of spices.

Caribbean Escape: This tropical starburst-smelling soap is a combination of exotic pineapple and melon laced with coconut.

Tempted to go out and stock up on $3 hand soaps? I don't blame you ;)


Oh, guess what? I just ordered Benefit's POREfessionally  Pretty Set ($67 value, but only $31!) It's coming in soon and I cannot wait to post a review on the products! 


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