Monday, February 27, 2012

Regardless If You're Irish or Not, You Should Be Washing With This Collection.

Me and my 3% Irish self are pleased with Bath and Body Works' new collection for St. Patty's Day and its fruity essence. Featuring two green apple products and one berry lemonade, BBW made it clear that their intentions were not to whip up an Ireland-inspired product.
Nonetheless, each and every product exceeded my expectations in the scent department. I'm not really lusting for Irish Spring-like aromas, you know?

Lets talk about the three items...
You have your Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Kiss Me I'm Irish (green apple), and two Pocket Bacs in Who's Your Paddy? (green apple) and Kiss Me, I'm Irish (berry lemonade).

Both scents are spot-on and delicious. While the aromas may not be, the packaging sure is festive.

Well...Go on! These are selling out pretty quickly!


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