Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Spring Break Essentials.

For most of us, the sun is shining brighter and the flowers ae blooming. The first thing that comes to mind in April is Spring Break. Enjoying the calm ebb and flow of the foamy ocean waves, basking in the sun on heated sand: It's nothing less than paradise. And while that mouth-watering mango sorbet should be melting away all worries, there is one thing you should be putting some thought into: your face. No, I don't mean you should carefully pack your makeup and skincare trains. A medium cosmetic bag full of the essentials should be it.

What are these essentials, you say?

1. An Oil-Free Sunscreen

The importance of sunscreen cannot be stressed enough. Protecting youself from premature aging and cancer is vital when on vacation. Whether you're in Hawaii or Colorado, the sun's rays will get you.Make sure to protect from UVA and UVB rays. Both are bad, but UVB causes long-term and deep damage to the skin. I prefer an oil-free formula that doesn't clog pores (therefore cause acne) Neutrogena's Ultra sheer Liquid Daily Sun Protection Spf 55 does this and more. Quick to absorb and feather-light, it is the perfect sunscreen for any one.

2. Waterproof Mascara
I'll still don a bit of makeup, but it'll be drastically less than what I usually wear. If I had to choose one product to bring, it would be a waterproof mascara. Urban Decay's Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara coats lashes with a gel formula that stays put through pool parties and chick flicks.

3. SPF-Infused Lip Balm
Sun protection isn't just for your body! Lips can get as easily burned and parched from the sun! Soothe, replenish, and defend with Aveeno's Essential Moisture Lip Balm. It's formula is creamy and soothing with shea butter and oatmeal. Plus, it's got SPF 15 to protect your pout from the sun!

4. A Soothing Facial Gel
You wouldn't usually expect this to be categorized as a "must have" for vacations, but it absolutely is.  In case you need to banish flakes or soothe a burned face, this cooling gel is to the rescue. Not only does the peachy color brighten spirits, but it's formula soothes irritated skin and restores it to its healthy 
and hydrated state.

5. A Multi-Tasking Color Stick
I applaud those who plan on skipping makeup entirely. I just cannot do it with my currently sallow face. To punch up my complexion, I plan on using Josie Maran Argan Mini Color Stick. It's travel-sized and multi-purpose; the perfect travel item. You can apply its sheer color to your lips or cheeks for a subtle glow. It hydrates when its on with argan oil and protects with Vitamin E.

6. A Waterproof Cream Shadow
A bit of shimmer on your lids can open everything up. You want a waterproof cream formula if you plan on having your shadow last a long time. Leave the smokey shades at home and opt for a brightening wash of shimmer. Tarte's Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Shadow in Seashell Pink makes the perfect poolside eye color.

7. Blotting Linens
Whether it's from the sun or the morning jogs, you'll definitely be getting sweat on your face. Boscia's Limited Edition Green Tea Blotting Linens absorb excess oil and mattify skin with disturbing any makeup. Plus, it's packaging is adorable! You can carry them around in your pocket, your purse, or your beach bag for a pick-me-up every now and then.

8. A Mini Facial Cleanser
A travel-sized facial wash is a must-have for rinsing away the dirt and sweat building up from the day. Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser To Go makes a wonderful cleanser on vacation. Silky and foaming, it's suitable for all skin types and extra gentle. It's infused with soybean extract, a nourishing protein that improves texture and overall appearance.


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