Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cranberry+Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

I'm here today to elaborate on my previous post regarding an amazing christmas gift I received. (thank you mom and dad!)

This post will be all about Burt's Bees' Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub.

For starters, this luxurious scrub is all natural. A blend of cranberry seeds and sugar gently exfoliate dry winter skin and leave it super silky.
Just look at the scrub! It's a joy to even look at it in the shower. 

Let's talk about it's unique scent. Have you ever taken in the scent of their pomegranate lip balm? That is exactly what it smells like, if not better. It's safe to say that this was love at first whiff for me..

The scrub's formulation is the perfect balance of abrasive and gentle. It's enough to exfoliate dead skin cells away, but gentle enough to avoid leaving your skin red and raw after a shower.

The thing that separates this scrub from the rest is the effect it has on your skin after you leave the shower. What I find with your traditional scrub is that it simply exfoliates. Moisturizing? Forget that.

Luckily, this scrub is composed of a base of naturally nourishing oils that remain on your skin after you wash the sugar off, leaving a super hydrating finish.

After lathering up, the oils slowly absorb and leave you with baby soft skin.

All in all, I'd go for this scrub any day over any other brand's. 
Excuse me, going to go purchase another..


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