Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Newbie's Guide to CCO Hauling!


Umm...Gabby, what's a CCO, anyways?
The answer is quite simple. CCO stands for Cosmetic Company Outlet. These stores are in Outlets (hence outlet store...). Inside these wonderful stores you'll find discounted beauty items from brands such as MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Bobbi Brown. Permanent individual items as well as limited edition products and sets from the year before are sold here for at least 20% off.
Find your nearest CCO here.

FAKE MAC- A MAC product purchased at CCO for a discounted price.

A Newbie's Guide to CCO Hauling:

1. Never come with a HUGE  mental or written list of wants!
There's a huge chance that you won't find what you're looking for unless you're positive it was a seasonal set from yesteryear. You might find the products you're looking for, but often times the selection of products is limited. Come to CCOs with an open mind and...a full wallet:)

2. Bring more money than you plan on spending!
Chances are you're going to need it. A MAC Lipstick for only $10? Yeah, you're going to want to stock up here.

3. Bring moist towelettes/makeup removing wipes to a CCO haul!
In a room filled with Bobbi Brown, Mac, Estee Lauder, and Clinique, you're going to swatch a bit. In my experienceI always run out of space on my arm:)

4. Don't look for face products if you don't know your shade!
At my CCO, there are only ladies up front by the cashier. It's not likely they'll be able to help you find your perfect shade. Save that to the professionals at your counters and buy that amazing concealer FULL PRICE the first time. After you know your shade by heart, it's time to shop for it at CCO. But remember, there is a chance it won't be there. I prefer shopping for color (shadow, liner, lipstick, gloss, etc.) products at CCOs.

5. CCOs have amazing gifts for the women in your life (that includes you)!
You'll find impressive gift sets that nobody else will have (because it's from yesteryear or exclusive to CCO) for an amazing price. What more could a girl ask for?

6.Try new things!
Products that never caught your eye before will be noticed at CCOs. Muster up some courage and "splurge" on that bold red lipstick you've always wanted. It is on sale!

Sounds amazing, right? I'm going to stock up on the way to my cottage for Thanksgiving! Further questions about CCOs? Email me or comment!

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