Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bubbles for Charity!

Dear Diary,

Why did I start off with "Dear Diary", anyways? Well, according to a random trusted website, today is National Dear Diary Day! It's on the internet, so it's got to be true! Right? Haha. Anyways...

Whether we like it or not, school has started again. Chances are, you're seeing multiple teachers a day. So, what better way to appreciate them than purchasing a Charity Bubble Bath from Philosophy? Philosophy's Sweet to the Core shower gel is a 3 in 1 gel that leaves your hair and body smelling like sour green apple candy. Philosophy states, "It's bright lime green color and burst of green apple flavor makes for fun, exciting bubbles!" Fun, exciting bubbles? Sounds great to me! It also features an adorable chalk board design that says "Teachers are a gift". And they truly are. 100% of Philosophy’s net proceeds from the sale of Sweet to the Core goes to PBS.You can even give it to your favorite teacher!

So check it out! For only $20 you could make a teacher jumping with joy.

Speaking of teachers...What's the nicest thing a teacher has ever done to/for you?

Happy Dear Diary Day!


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