Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bath and Body Works Contest! Plus, Stila, too!


No, I'm not throwing a contest that features BBW. Bath and Body Works is!
I have some homework to do, but I just wanted to tell you about the contest! With just a few pieces of information, you can be entered to win $500 worth of Bath and Body Works Holiday Products! Now, how cool is that? It requires no money whatsoever. This is my mindset when it comes to raffle-esque things: "Somebody's got to win, so why can't it be you?!". It's true. Somebody has to win, so why not you? If you don't win, Oh well. You can just buy some. Oh, the reason I am so obsessed with winning is because my school's fundraiser is tomorrow. There is a lot of free stuff associated with this, and I LOVE MY FREE STUFF! :D

Fill out the Entry Form!

And don't neglect Stila's Contest! Hurry up and visit their facebook page and enter the Dream in Full Color Contest!


Beauty questions? Random questions?
Email and ask them! All appropriate questions will be answered in a special blog post here! I need enough first, though.


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