Monday, September 26, 2011

Buy your Benefit tickets!

I was thrilled to see that Benefit launched a million new sets on The packaging looks super cute, but the shades look boring. Thoughts?

Project Flawless ($32)
Project Flawless ($74 Value)

Ticket to Glossytown ($24)

Ticket To Glossytown
I'm Glam...Therefore I am ($36)
I'm Glam...Therefore I am
The Big 10 Set ($32)
The Big 10

Brighter and Badder! ($29)
Brighter & Badder! ($39 Value)

The Beauty Bag ($25)
Not a set...but equally as gorgeous
Benefit Beauty Bag
And of course...They just launched their new highlighter: Watt's Up?
Love the ad! A fairy coming out of a lightbulb? Yes!

Benefit Cosmetics

Did any catch your eye? The Big 10 Set looked interesting to me!


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