Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clinique Color Surge Shadow Duo in Pink Slate


After purchasing concealer and a chubby stick, I was sent home in August with a nice mini eyeshadow duo (with blush, too) and other miniscule gifts from Bonus Time. Luckily, I got this eyeshadow duo for free. This duo certainly lived up to its name "Pink Slate". The matte pink was actually rather chalky (a coincidence, I think not!) and was not pigmented at all. Sadly, the brown, just like the pink, was very lacking in the pigmentation department. Unlike most Clinique shadows, these ones were hard, not blendable, nor were they smooth. I know I didn't end up with a bad batch because I actually have two Pink Slate duos and they both posess the same disappointing qualities. *Sigh* Since this was a bonus, you might want to go and test the real full-size Pink Slate to see if it is as I say.

The bonus I got in late August. Isn't the bag adorable?!

PRICE $18.00

  • I got it for free :P
  • Is buildable (if you have patience)
  • Very sheer (possible pro for some)
  • Very chalky
  • Not pigmented
  • Not long-lasting
  • Not smooth like normal Clinique shadows
You may like this if...
  • You want to wear eyeshadow, but want it to look like there is nothing on (Trust me, it'll look like NOTHING)
  • You already like Clinique shadows
You may dislike this if...
  • You do not like Clinique shadows
  • You don't want a chalky shadow
  • You like pigmented shadows (Hello, Normal Women!)
  • You love smooth shadows
  • You love blendable shadows
  • You are a normal beauty fanatic
You can find this at...

Would I repurchase?
Most definitely NOT.

Overall, this product is
Mangos & Cream Approved!



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