Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shany Cosmetics Boutique 40 Color Shadow Palette

Some hot day in August I was visiting a local salon claiming to be having a huge end-of-summer-sale with my best friend. I walked into their tiny "Boutique" section and carefully looked at each item there. I found some $1 necklaces (they weren't that cute) and some $5 ugly T-Shirts, but nothing special. I then looked back, only to find a  sleek shadow palette containing flamboyant shadows! I swatched a few on my arm, and after reading the price tag of $5, I knew I had to get it! Ann ( and I each paid $2.50. We skipped home with a smile on our faces and our "Shananay" in our arms.

*Tear* *Tear* What a good story! And for the record, it's Shany, but we like to call it Shananay!

I find this palette very interesting. Each individual shadow happens to have a different level of smoothness and pigmentation. The acid yellow wasn't smooth, but it was very pigmented. The metallic turquoise was very smooth and very pigmented! In fact, all of the metallics were pigmented! It all depended on the color you wanted to use. Although, I did find out that any natural-looking shade didn't have much pigment. Now to the overview....Oh, and speaking of! Are there any other "overview" categories that you would like me to always add? COMMENT :D

I know what you're thinking! "Holy Crap, Gabby! You got your
camera back!" Sadly, no. This is an edited picture from their website.

PRICE: Regularly $16.99

  • Comes with 40 eyeshadows
  • Sleek, modern casing
  • Most colors are very pigmented
  • Metallics are very smooth
  • Great value!
  • Creates an endless variety of looks (In fact, I only need this and false lashes for my Halloween makeup!)
  • Doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes
  • Minimal eyeshadow fallout
  • Variety of finishes (matte, metallic, etc.)
  • Some colors are so not smooth that I have to scrape them to get color (Hello, STUPID WHITE)
  • Not all colors are super pigmented (but most are...)
You may like this if...
  • You are looking for a cheap palette with a variety of colors
  • You want pigmented shadows
  • You want a palette with a variety of finishes (matte, metallic, etc.)
  • You already love Shany Cosmetics
You may dislike this if...
  • You want all of the shadows to be smooth
  • You already hate Shany Cosmetics
  • You are crazy and like to pay tons of money for palettes
You can find this at...
Overall, this product is...


Go and get it! :D

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Have an amazing night/day/morning!


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